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How We Attract & Connect Customers To Your Business

Leads For Trades provides you with the ultimate solution to grow online. We are the leading Digital Marketing Agency for trade companies and can provide you with a fully-managed solution.

Our favourite way to send you leads every day is by using social media advertising. We’ll link to your social pages and quickly generate you qualified leads.

In order to convert qualified leads who are ready to buy, you need a website that is designed for capturing leads in the trade industry. If you need help with this, we have proven layouts and designs that we can implement for you.

Another one of our favourite platforms for trade companies is Google Ads & Bing Ads. Every day people are searching in your area for the service you provide. We make sure you are in prime position to capture the attention of these people and convert them into leads.

Retargeting is a way of brining back people who visit your website or express an interest in your business. The distractions of the online world means people do leave without taking action but this does not mean they aren’t interested! Our behavioural based retargeting campaigns means we bring these people back and convert them into leads.


LEADS FOR TRADES is an industry leading digital marketing agency that has designed unique systems that are proven to help trade companies attract more customers and generate more sales. Our system has been tested and refined over the years generating ten’s of thousands’ of highly qualified leads for trade companies.

Our Mission

As agency owners we seem to have a special ability to ‘do things the hard way’. We pretend that having a 365 day well-written email sequence combined with retargeting audiences and complex pixels are more important than selling an OFFER THAT CONVERTS.
I know this, because this was me.
For many years… and I am not going to get those years back.
We tend to follow the masses and do what everyone else is doing.
We are impressed by complexity, ‘cause we have big egos.
Sell complex retainer contracts. Be a full service agency. Run a VSL funnel to land clients. Be a hardcore closer. Hire hardcore closers. Run YouTube Ads, because they are hot right now… Blah blah blah…

Well guess what?

Agency life doesn’t have to be this hard, in fact I have found it’s not healthy for you, your family…. or your headspace.

I see too many “talented AF” lead gens struggling when they don’t have to.

It’s painful to watch.

Which is why it’s our mission to flip the ‘traditional’ agency model on its head. Just because ‘they’ say it can’t be done, doesn’t mean the following can’t be done.

  • Why are we asking clients to ‘pay us up front’ without any guarantee of success? Let’s change that.
  • Why can’t we craft an offer so compelling that clients would have to be literally insane to say no, and then deliver on it. Let’s change that.
  • Why can’t we be a PARTNER in our client’s business rather than an UNWANTED expense? Let’s change that.
  • Why can’t we live the lifestyle we deserve, work with a handful of great clients AND earn 10X what we did the ‘old way’? Let’s change that.

Do you want to join the performance based marketing revolution? Don’t waste another day on struggle street. Lemme show you how it works – watch my video, and message or book a call if you want to change.


Our goal is to find qualified customers for you every day, leaving you to focus on what you do best. You’ll never have to think about the ever changing world of online advertising because we are always at the cutting edge of what’s working right now. This means you always get the highest quality leads delivered to you at the best possible price.


We guarantee to generate leads for your business and help build a system exactly to your requirements. Whether you want us to generate 10 leads a week or 100, we have the proven system ready to implement into your business.


How This Works

Leads Generated Using Search & Social

We generate our leads online using Google Ads, Facebook Ads & YouTube Ads and deliver them direct to your inbox, spreadsheet and CRM instantly in real time.

We Make Sure You Get High Quality Leads

We use preframe advertorials to educate prospects about your service, and long form surveys to filter and segment the leads based on how they answer the survey

The Leads Are Expecting Your Call

Each prospect is told that they will be contacted by a licensed or regulated broker/adviser before they submit their details. And when they land on the confirmation page, again they are informed they will be contacted soon.

Automated Follow Up For Each Lead

To further ensure quality and increased response rates, our multi channel follow up system follows up with all your leads via text, email and voicemail, averaging an incredible 65% response rates.


You have to invest in lead generation advertising to generate qualified leads. Our lead generation advertising campaigns are all trackable and we would never burn advertising money on campaigns that don’t work.


Most of the trade customers that come to us have a starting budget of £800-£1,500. Cost-per-lead are different for every trade and that’s why we can’t give a set price until we understand more about your business and lead generation goals.


This means you always get the highest quality leads delivered to you at the best possible price.
We guarantee to generate leads for your business and help build a system exactly to your requirements. Whether you want us to generate 10 leads a week or 100, we have the proven system ready to implement into your business.


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